What are your basic requirements for renting a car?

We do require a valid Driver License, Full Coverage U.S. Auto Insurance, Major Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) and  driver must be at least 21 (twenty one) years old.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We do accept Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).  We also accept debit cards only for long term car rentals (4 weeks and longer) with additional requirements such as SSN, Address Verification, Co-signer and manager’s approval.

How old should I be to rent a car?

You must be at least 21 (twenty one) years old to be able to rent a car with us.

Do you charge extra fees to young drivers under 25 (twenty five) years old?

No, not at all. Our rates are same for everyone and we do not charge extra fees to young drivers. Simply same rates for everyone!

Is there any additional charges?

No, we offer simple Flat Rate Car Rentals including taxes and fees. Driver is responsible for purchasing gas, paying toll, parking, violation tickets etc. Our flat rate quotes includes combination of 100 miles/day for daily, 500 miles/week for weekly and 1000 miles/4 weeks for 4 weeks and monthly-long term car rentals. Based on our experience indicated limits are normally sufficient for majority of our customers. In case if you drive over the limit additional miles are only 15 cents plus tax.

What if I do not have an Auto Insurance?

If you currently do not have a full coverage US auto insurance policy please kindly call us Toll Free: 1-888-255-4549 or Direct Line: 425-353-5678 or e-mail us at: before booking your reservation and we would be more than happy to discuss your options and walk you through insurance process.

Do you offer Road Side Assistance?

Yes, 24/7 Road Side Assistance included with every rental. However this service meant to be used for unexpected situations such as mechanical breakdowns etc. where driver is not negligent and responsible for.


How does Monthly and Long Term Rentals work?

Our long term rental program and agreements are designed for 4 weeks renewals. You may rent a car with us as long you would desire however you must check in and out once in every 4 weeks. Main reasons behind this requirement is that a) Most major insurance companies in US covers rental cars up to 30 days or less. b) We have many customers renting over several months and we do not think it is safe to let rentals car go without basic checks over several months. Once in every 4 weeks rental vehicle checks in and out by a flexible appointment and we perform quick safety check and agreement renewal. Usually entire process takes less than 10-15 minutes.

I would need a rental car for several months or longer. Should I book a reservation for entire time or should I book only for first month and keep renewing?

Short answer is; it depends on your personal circumstances. Lets explain; Booking a reservation is a commitment so you should decide depending on how certain your plans are. If you are coming to Seattle, Washington area for a business, professional assignment or personal commitment you are better of the book your reservation for entire estimated time. Simple reason is we make commitment only if you make a commitment to us. In other words when you book a reservation for a certain time and receive a confirmation from us you make a commitment to rent a car for given time and Goodmiles makes commitment to provide you a rental vehicle for the duration of your reservation. Biggest advantages of doing this a) We have so called “Guaranteed Reservation” means unlike other companies if you have confirmed reservation we have a car for you for sure. b) By booking you are locking yourself into current low rate and you are protected from price increases. You would also know exact rental cost upfront. c) We guarantee rates for confirmed reservations. d) If you do not book for entire time that you need and go for 4 weeks at a time you may run into non-renewal situation. Lets explain this; If you book a reservation for 4 weeks and when you return the vehicle if you ask us to renew for another 4 weeks even though we would love to do that we may not be able to renew simple because we may be sold out and somebody else already has a reservation for that particular vehicle. This is specially true and very common during peak seasons such as holiday and from May to September. e) Why not book for entire time if you have an estimated timeline, you do not have to pay for entire term anyways. Long term rentals have an option to pay 4 weeks at a time.

Do I get charged for entire rental cost up front?

For short term rentals such as hourly, daily and weekly we do charge cost of entire rental upfront. However for monthly-long term rentals we do divide total cost of rental into monthly portions and charge once in every 4 (four) weeks. If you would like to pay upfront you may do so but not required.


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